Thursday, January 20, 2011

Every Girl Should Have Good Scents

I am a perfume lover...Not just ANY perfume lover...I ADORE perfume, and I like many different kinds, though I tend to lean more towards Chanel, especially #19, and Jo Malone, (Pomegranite Noir is one of my favorites..)

Unfortunately like everything else, my taste tends to run a bit on the expensive side. Now how is a girl EVER going to support an expensive habit like that? Well, of course a girl like me comes up with an answer, one that I have been using for at least 10 years, maybe more.

I know that there are "discount" fragrance websites, stores, all about, but I can personally only vouch for one, and that is the website,  "Scentiments".

Sure I still occasionally hit up Neimans for a "Chanel" special, or when I cannot live without some "Jo Malone" product, (as Scentiments unfortunately does not carry Jo Malone)
For the most part though, they do carry some wonderful scents and at fab prices, if you know how to shop, and/or get lucky enough to find what you want in stock.

You see, I'm afraid that this secret is not just my own..Dreadfully, many others dip their toe into this pond as well....Often I will go to order a perfume, and find that they are out of it. There is an option to leave your
email and be notified when they get the product in, but let me tell you, you have to act quickly or it will be gone once again. I also notice that at times, it takes them what appears to be a century to get a product back in.

If you are like me, (and of course, you should be), and willing to experiment on a scent that you have possibly never even smelled, you will love using this site. If  I do order a scent that I have not smelled, like the one that I reviewed in my last blog entry, I make sure that it is a scent from a well know perfumery...i.e. Burberry, Boucheron, Bvlgari, Prada, Versace, etc...

Secondly, I consult the site to find one that is considered spicy and/or oriental or that contains y-lang y-lang, amber, and/or bergamot oil, as I tend to be attracted to these scents.  
Those of you who are not familiar with "bergamot", will find it to be a lovely light citrus aromatic that blends
beautifully with ingredients.
Funny but doing a bit of research on "Bergamot" lead me to this...

What Is Bergamot Oil?

Bergamot oil is obtained from the peel of the bergamot, a citrus fruit grown mainly in Italy. The oil is used as a flavoring agent in foods and beverages and in various cosmetic products (for its citrus scent). It is also used to treat skin conditions, such as psoriasis or vitiligo (when applied to the skin), or to treat anxiety or depression (when used as aromatherapy).

Wow...and to think that I've spent all that money on anti-depressants, that don't work, when all

I had to do was soak in some hot water doused with bergamot!!??!!

Live and learn....Live and learn...

Not like we couldn't have figured that out! Ever notice the pleasurable "rush" that you get after
a whiff of some wonderful perfume or European chocolate?

Kudos to the genius that eventually figures out how to bottle those two...

Imagine how happy Tom Cruise would be?
(no more Anti-Depressants! MIND much more effective..)

Not to mention Chocoholics...
(so much less fattening when you can just wear it!)

Sometimes I even go a step further, and consult Neimans online to see if they are selling the perfume that I'm considering ordering...Personally , if they sell it, that's enough for me to try it, owing to my long-time faith in Neiman Marcus's taste.

I also enjoy gloating about the price I'm going to pay for it. Now, you don't get the freebie samples or the lovely bag like you do if you purchase it at Neimans, but after a year's time, if you buy perfume like I do, you should have saved enough to afford a little trip to Neimans for tidbit or two.

Like that rationalization? (got lots more where that came from!)

Lastly, if they have the "tester" of a fragrance, look to see what that means. It will either mean that
it comes in a plain box, comes without a cap, or comes without a cap in a plain box.
The only time I buy a tester is if it comes in a plain box. I DO NOT buy a perfume without a cap, as
it will expose the perfume to air. Now if it comes in a plain box, who cares? Unless I am taking it on
a trip, I dispose of the box immediately anyway. (Actually the "plain box" turns out to be a very sturdy
box, perfect to pack in luggage!) The "tester" is, of course, the most economical way to go, and is OFTEN
what they are out of...The "tester" I assume, is one that they were going to put out at the store, but your
bottle never made it out there. That's how they can sell it for such a fantastic price. Again, a "tester" is where
you REALLY get a bargain. I have bought a tester without the original box, but otherwise exactly as new,
for $42.00 instead of $110.00 MANY TIMES.

The scents are all THE REAL THING...I repeat..


No doubt where this is concerned, as I would not consider buying anything that wasn't.

So, there you have it...My secret, along with about a million others, is out.

One more thing about Perfume (I never buy "Toilette" or "Cologne"  Why would you want a watered-down version?)

You must use your Perfume in a timely manner. Keep it in a cool place and it should smell like new up
to a year. If it starts to get darker or change color, throw it out...
Look what I found while I was doing a bit of research....

"Older perfumes contain musk from other animals or ambergris, whale vomit. These fixatives are intended to make the perfume scent last longer"

"Older Perfumes", eh?  Makes me want to rethink my "Joy"and "Shalimar" obsessions...I have a thing for
scents produced in the twenties...( Shalimar, Chanel #5, Joy, etc...)

How does one capture "whale vomit" anyway? I'm not going to think about this any further....

Wear Your Perfume. 

Perfume is not just for a so-called "special occasion"

Everyday is a "special occasion"

Spritz on a bit when you emerge from the shower...

Go easy for work and crazy otherwise!

They sell both mens and womens cologne and perfume, and certain gift sets as well.
I love the miniatures for traveling...

I must add, that their shipping is extremely timely, except for perhaps holidays...(forget finding anything
around Valentines day or Christmas)

I would be remiss if I didn't share with you my NEW LOVE.

He came to me at Christmas time and I can hardly stand to be away from him.

His name is Kindle, but I call him "Kin"...

Yes, it was LOVE at first sight... (sight...LOL...get it? I crack myself up!)

He is never far from me, and is always the last thing I see before sleep...


My Review of Lolita Lempicka 3.4 oz EDP spray TESTER for women by Lolita Lempicka

Originally submitted at Scentiments

Eau de Parfum, With a liquorice accord comprising of aniseed, violet, vanilla and praline with a floral oriental harmony of ivy, iris, amarena, tonka bean, vetiver and musk makes it a rich fruity fragrance . Comes complete but in a plain box.


By Class Act from Dallas on 1/20/2011


5out of 5

Pros: Sexy, Draws Compliments, Smells a bit like Angel, Great Smell, Long-Lasting, Sensual

Cons: Strong smell, Overpowering

Best Uses: Evening Use, Daily Use, Just a whiff for days

Describe Yourself: Classic Style

Fragrance Type: Powdery, Oriental/Spicy

I love it, but would not be for those that love a
subtle smell....Bottle a beauty...Strange atomizer
though..took a minute to get used to it..


Monday, December 20, 2010

Holiday excusion to San Francisco 2010

One never tires of San Francisco. I especially love a holiday visit, as the city is filled with the most
beautiful Yuletide decorations. Our stay at the Westin St. Francis Hotel was a wonderful one, as expected.
A huge edible all sugar Castle that rotated with a train rounding the bottom of it,  adorned one of the entrances, surrounded by a white gate and dozens of admirers, day and night.
The St. Francis is an amazing hotel with so many beautiful things that one must try to focus on one thing at a time, lest you might miss something. Everything is very old and extremely ornate, as the original St.Francis was built at the turn of the Century. The Great Earthquake and the fire that followed destroyed some of it as well as all of Union Square, but it was built again, in all of its glory two years later. Check it out at, and if you ever get a chance to stay here, do so, and in the Main Bldg. which is the older historic one.

I enjoyed the city, as I always do, shopping at my favorite jewelry store for a new and unusual piece, visiting the wonderful little British tea shop that carries unique and whimsical gifts, a stop at the Ghiradelli Chocolate Shop in the Square, the sound of the trolleys, the beautiful and huge lit Christmas tree and ice skating rink at Union Square, the sights, smells, and sounds of the Wharf....

San Francisco is a treat...A visit there is on my list of guilty pleasures, and there's a lot there to love...I contend that once you have been there, you simply must return, time and time again....(think that I have a
former blog about returning to San Francisco...check it out...)

Now...I will give you my newest/and or updated restaurant reviews from one of the best Foodie destinations there is: Three restaurants to be exact..An updated review of "Slanted Door", and reviews of two new restaurants, "Wayfare Tavern" by Tyler Florence, and "Orson" by Elizabeth Faulkner...

I have dined at "Slanted Door" before, and though it was nice, I was not overwhelmed, and needed to be.
Glad that I gave this very popular establishment another shot, as this time it was absolutely sublime..
Amazing cocktails, BBQ spareribs, Daikon Rice cakes, Cellophane Noodles with Crab, and Caramelized
Shrimp, creating a delicious way to spend the evening. This is the kind of restaurant, especially on a Saturday
night, that one feels quite special dining in...There is definitely "magic" in the air, as well as dollars, for this is certainly not a dining destination for the frugal-hearted, but oh-so absolutely THE  dining destination for the foodie...This is haute Vietnamese at its best, and I daresay better than you have or will ever eat it...
For a more economical version, there are a couple of "Out the Door" locations in town, with take out from
the same restaurateur, and though not all of the menu is available there, it is known as a very tasty alternative, and it can be eaten there or taken home, at a fraction of the cost. "Slanted Door" is located in the Embarcadero at the Ferry Bldg (more about that in a minute).
Just remember to get reservations early if you ever plan to dine there. (

Another very delicious dinner was had at Tyler Florence's new restaurant, "Wayfare Tavern." Located in the Embarcadero Area, it simply does not disappoint. Other than the cocktails, which could use some
improvement, everything we tried there was outstanding. Loved the atmosphere, (old world tavern, duh),
it is quite popular, though they do take reservations. I recommend the fried chicken (brined and brilliant), the deviled eggs (capered and anchovied with love), popovers (who knew that these could actually be delicious?), brussel sprouts (mustard braised and ham hocked, so divine that I felt weak in the knees), oh, I could go on and on...Suffice it to say that everything that we tried was ambrosial...(

Finally, one of the best burgers EVER, along with their duck fat fries (yes, we have actually found a way to
make french fries even MORE sinful), can be had at "Orson", the new restaurant in the Soma area, opened by the famed pastry chef Elizabeth Faulkner (of "Citizen Cake", and many appearances on Food Network...You know, the one with the short, spiked platinum hair? No, not the loud one, the quiet one...Oh well...)

Her "Orson" is a very modern, futuristic space with sparse surroundings, and will not be everyone's "cup of tea" to speak, but is definitely mine...My Mother looked almost faint when we first arrived, as the ambiance was a bit um, "frightening" shall we say, though she appeared to feel much better after a strong scotch on the rocks...

There is a film, usually old, that plays on the huge wall behind the bar...When we arrived it was a video of
a fire in a fireplace, helping to give a "cozy" feel to all of the surrounding steel...Actually I felt quite at home, as it reminded me of so many places that I frequented in the 90s'...Remember that cold, white, steel, too contemporary for comfort, design of the 90s? That's exactly what Orson looks like...

The menu looks extraordinary, and I'm certain that it is all tasty, but we were all in the mood for the burger.
"Orson Burger with Duck Fat Fries" (grass fed beef, parmesan bun, truffle mayonnaise, cob relish, and
house made steak sauce...)

The description of a dish is an important job...Indeed, I do like this one, AND it also delivers!
To make sure that the duck fat fries are decadent enough, they are accompanied with a browned-butter
bearnaise...Ketchup just can't do these jewels justice...gotta have the browned-butter bearnaise to really feel
guilty, remorseful, and luxuriously happy...

When finished, one simply MUST remember that DESSERT is what has made our Elizabeth famous, so 
to continue support for the chef, dessert is to be ordered..
Our favorite was "Guilt By Association", (hazelnut cake, salted malted milk chocolate ice cream, malted almond crunch)
The description is drool-worthy, don't you think?
Delicious and interestingly constructed, as all of her desserts are..Nothing here is as you have seen it 
before...This goes for not only desserts but other items as well.
For example, her version of Caesar salad is literally an "explosion", due to the pop rocks hiding in the romaine, that "explode" with the dressing....
It's quite evident to me, that Ms. Faulkner believes in having fun while dining on her decadent cuisine, and I
am all for it....I shall return....(

One of the greatest things about San Francisco restaurants, at least those that I have visited, is  that they
use only locally farmed, organic, and sustainable products. This makes such a huge difference in the taste of their food...One place that you must visit/experience is the Ferry Building.
Visiting the Ferry Building  (especially on Saturday morning) is wonderful, as all of the farms are represented there, and touting all of their very best wares..Do not eat before you go, as noshing here is a glorious experience.
I've decided, that for a more economical foodie experience here, I could almost stay at a hotel near the Ferry building and eat there most of the time. Places like Boulette's Larder, Il Cane Rosso, Cowgirl's Creamery Artisan Cheese Shop, Acme Bread Company, and Bocccalone Salumeria, as well many others, could make for some delicious meals, and a bit less expensive way to go..(Right, like that's gonna happen...) Just say'n.  (a delicious destination)

I hope that you visit San Francisco if you never have, and return to it if you've already been, as it is one
of the most delightful places to spend a few days, especially for a holiday visit...

Friday, November 19, 2010

Way up there on my "I Don't Get It" List

For years I was one of those people that didn't like cranberries.
When I was growing up, that jellied cranberry jarred monstrosity was all that I knew.
What in the world are you supposed to do with that stuff?
The consistency alone is enough to send me over the edge,
The "mouth feel" is a punishment.
The taste is simply not tart enough.

Having said that, it is probably still one of the best sellers during the holidays.
 It will forever stay on my "I don't get it " list.

Years later I started tasting the "real deal" or homemade cranberry sauce, with
actual cranberries in the sauce. You could see, taste, and FEEL the cranberries,
and it turned my cranberry world around.

Not only is it the easiest recipe in the world, (my "can't cook" sons could do it in their sleep),
but it is delicious and refreshing.
With added orange zest in a cut crystal bowl, it's not only tasty, but gorgeous to look at.

The recipe I am going to give you is not meant to replace our beloved homemade cranberry
sauce, but is a wonderful addition to the holiday table.
Frankly, this would make a wonderful relish/chutney all year round!

Fresh tasting, with an exotic punch, you'll find it's great not only with turkey, but
baked ham as well.

Served instead of bread and butter pickles, it's a versatile dish, that will "WOW"
your family and guests.
(I myself am a huge fan of the "WOW" factor.)

GIFT IDEA! (Make a batch or two and spoon it into wide mouth jars tied with a pretty ribbon.)
MARTHA would be PROUD!
Kept cold in the refrigerator, this will keep indefinitely.

The year that I made this, there were "oohs and aaahs" a plenty, and as I mentioned earlier,
it was absolutely the bomb on leftover turkey sandwiches. Use it as a relish, or if you wish, eat it
straight out of the bowl!

Pickled Grapes with Ginger and Chilies

(from Salsas, Sambals, Chutneys, and Chowchows)

Makes about 6 cups

1 1/2 cups white vinegar
1 cup white sugar
1/2 cup brown sugar
2 tbsp. crushed coriander seeds
1 tbsp. cinnamon
7 whole cloves
1 tbsp. salt
1 piece ginger the size of your little finger, peeled and cut into dime-size slices.
3 red or green jalapenos, finely diced, with seeds (trust me, it is not too hot)
4 cups seedless red and/or green grapes. (Red is best, I think)

In a large saucepan, combine the vinegar, sugars, coriander seeds, cinnamon,
cloves and salt.

Mix well, and then bring to a boil over moderately high heat.

Remove from heat and add ginger, jalapenos and grapes.

Mix thoroughly, and allow to stand for one hour.

This is a great one to make ahead a day or two, and let the flavor meld together,
but after just one hour, it's fresh tasting, and ready to rock the table...

Again, it keeps a long time kept covered and chilled.
I like to serve it closer to room temperature.

Feedback is always appreciated if you'd care to leave a comment.
I'd especially love to hear from those that give this a whirl...
Another recipe soon....



Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mini-Survival Kit for the Holidays plus a sumptuous recipe

I find that we have only two ways to approach the holidays.

With RESENTMENT, because we don't get to enjoy them each on their own,
before Christmas peeks its little head out at the Department Stores, pushing us to
make gift decisions very, very early...(Hey, what happened to the real meaning of
Give me a break....etc.etc...)


By completely EMBRACING it!  Now by that I mean, you will have to leave
behind your traditional expectations and give yourself and your family some major
breaks. Here are some holiday truths that should help...

If you are not a crafty-type, you are not going to magically turn into Martha Stewart or Rosie O'Donnell.. (That's why there's a Hallmark store)

If you hate to cook, you will hate it even more. If you don't have time, you will have less....
(That's why there are caterers, restaurants serving and selling holiday meals, and Whole Foods Stores etc.)

If you cannot stand shopping malls, don't go...Sure they're pretty right now, but still crazy!
(Small independent shops have better gifts anyway. Better yet, buy it all on the web... get started now)

This last tip was one that I utilized one Christmas and it was a breeze..Did it all at Barnes&
That's right...Never visited one store! Everyone loved their gifts...truly!

You don't have to have a big tree.
(They have really cute tabletop ones these days...Okay, I guess if you have small kids..)

One year I just put a huge Father Christmas on the dining room table, scattered some pine scented candles
about, put an 8 inch "silver" tree on a shelf,  and my boys were quite pleased!

If you have been laid off or just don't have extra money for whatever reason, try to come up with
something special that doesn't dip into your gas bill...

Now this one may be hard for some, but don't give up immediately. Open your mind...

Can you draw or paint? (an original drawing is kept forever)

Can you write a song and play it or record it? (quite special indeed)

Can you write a poem or story that will have specific meaning for the receiver?
Even a small little writing can mean a lot from a loved one.

If you have ANY artistic talent, this is the time to put it to use..

But what if you don't? (Hard to believe's an idea...)

How about that beautiful little necklace of yours that your daughter has always admired?
Why wait until you're dead to hand it over?
(You can't see the smile on her face if you wait until then anyway...Think about it...)
Put it in a small velvet box with a ribbon and surprise her! (you know that you don't really wear it much anymore...)

How about some one's favorite treat that you rarely make?
My "Million Dollar Fudge" comes to mind, but I know that you and your family have their favorites...
It could be a very special loaf of bread or any much loved treat...
Whip it up when no one is around, and put it in a festive tin, or wrap it up in colorful plastic wrap with
a bow...
People eat that up...literally!

Hey, better yet, if you have kids or grandkids do the Christmas cookie thing...(Sadly, I'm not sure that
I ever did that...I'm sure that I MEANT to ...Hmmm....Well there ya go...You can produce holiday "guilt" even years later if you allow yourself!)

Note to self...Do Not Allow!

I truly feel that a lot of what we get Hyper and Disappointed in ourselves about, has EVERYTHING to
do with our own illusions of what the holidays should look and FEEL like...(reinforced by every single
item in the media...Remember...they are ALL advertisements in one form or another...They need to sell
to you...It is their business...)

These hard to manufacture illusions may come from one's own childhood experiences, magazines, or films we've seen and grown up with...(Not to mention Martha Stewart's Crafty Christmas Shows and Food Network Holiday Specials...)
Hey, I love them too, but there's an abundance of  time, money, and help that produces all of that

For me it is comparative with the trap that we allow ourselves to fall into when we are getting married
and having the "Big Wedding"..
We reference all of what we have seen or dreamed about, and WHEN and IF it doesn't line up as we have
perceived it, the disappointment sets in...

I dearly love movies, books, magazines, and fantasizing, but one must resist the temptation of buying into
the whole "Disneyesque" version of life...
These images will always lead to a let down, or worse, you'll tell yourself that you didn't do what you could have done to make it really "perfect"....

(A note about "Disneyesque" life...Everyone should visit Disney World at least once in their life to enjoy the
true "Disneyesque" experience. One is never too old, and I feel that the older you are, the more you appreciate it ..You certainly deserve a complete and total "too good to be true" fantasy...I say leave the kids home, and go and delight in it yourself....but then that's just me...)


Holiday Depression is a serious epidemic, and I feel that a lot of it stems from unrealistic expectations.

Having said all of this, if you find yourself in a position to turn your holidays into a world of homemade crafts,
glistening wreaths, glass balls, silver linings, tin soldiers, golden angels, velvet ribbons, nutmeg candles, along with a kitchen filled with apple cider simmering on the stove, cheese straws dancing on candy cane plates,
layers of smoked turkey and cheddar circling a silver platter, and champagne bubbling in crystal tulip goblets, well...
THAT'S OKAY (and we'll all be over for the party on December 17th!)

I will be posting recipes suitable and delicious for the holiday season the next few weeks.
This week I will start with a simple, yet elegant recipe from the late and great culinary master,
Craig Claiborne. God rest his culinary genius soul.

Sweet Potato Puree with Walnuts and Ginger

Serves 6 -8

6 to 8 sweet potatoes (about 3 lbs) organic is best

1/2 cup ginger preserves (look for it at gourmet groceries or order it online)
3 tablespoons dark rum
2 tablespoons butter
1 cup chopped walnuts (preferable black walnuts)
3/4 cup whole milk

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. 
Put the potatoes in a baking dish and place in the oven. 
Bake 1-2 hours, depending on the size of each potato. Press with the fingers and remove each potato as it becomes soft.
When all the potatoes are cooked, let them rest 
until cool enough to handle. Split each potato in half and scoop out the flesh. 
Put the flesh through a fine mesh or a potato ricer. (you should seriously have a potato ricer as they are so cool...especially for mashed potatoes)
There should be about 3 cups. Put this into a 
Combine the preserves and the rum in a small
saucepan. Bring to the boil, stirring. Add this to the potatoes. Add the butter, walnuts and milk;
heat to the boiling point, stirring.(watch and stir
faithfully, so as not to burn...)
The recipe contains no salt, so at the end, I would taste, to make sure that the black walnuts added enough salt, if not, I would not hesitate to add a 
bit to taste. 
I can SO see this mixture piped from either a 
piping bag, or a large Ziploc bag with a small 
snip on one corner (this always works...)
You could pipe this mixture decoratively around
the platter of sliced turkey, ham, or whatever
meat you were serving...
You could also just serve it as you would mashed
Why you could even do your best Martha Stewart impression, and pipe it into hollow orange halves! (somebody stop me!)


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Falling Apart You Say? What Now!

Well today it's official.

I guessed
this might happen
(Yes, right from the start)

Surprised you ask?
Why no,
of course not...

It's why I don't visit
the Doctor
a lot.

While I do like
 to work with them
(and God knows I do)

The truth about me
from their lips,
turns mine blue

For little can shock
a girl like me,
who avoids
Doctor visits
like the plague,
you see.

Well the pain
broke me down..
Had to visit a clinic

Which was
no small feat,
for a healthcare cynic

Come to find out,
it appears that my knee
that's failed me
for months now,
is lost
and unseen

How on earth did it vanish,
(is there a "missing knee" site?)

Might there be a way
to find it?
Or must
bone spurs
be my plight?

Yes, I'm told
a replacement
is the only way,
I can live
without pain
(at least that's what they say)

I  MUST be too
for such a

(Besides, not my style...
overdone, hardly clever)

And there's no guarantee...
Why I could
actually expire!

From a pulmonary embolus
that explodes
like a tire....

Didn't even
get my breasts done
(they'd have really looked great!)

fears that it
might kill me,
Left me with my
small boobs fate.

So for now
I've decided
I'll just
try my luck,
with shots
and pills
and all that

I guess
it's just inevitable
that our bodies
break down...

Oh, and
limping's just not sexy...
not in scrubs
or evening gowns..

Written with sincerity, truthfulness, and paranoia...
            Nicole 10/26/10

Friday, October 1, 2010


I should SO be asleep...

Why I've chosen to cruise the Internet and catch up on my Blog, instead of getting the essential
4 hours of "I've gotta get up and go to work at 5am " sleep, is beyond any explanation.

I DO love my sleep, though at times, I feel just as Ernest Hemingway did...

"I love sleep...My life has a tendency to fall apart when I'm awake"

I hope that some of you (my loyal followers) are still out there...

Surely not ALL of you have lost interest.
(though I could hardly blame you)

As not only am I a sporadic blogger,
I'm not always in my foodie mode.

Honestly, as the writer, I strive to avoid prosaic, monotonous material ,
for fear of not only boring my reader, but myself as well.

I've not lost interest, it's just that sometimes I go through "spells"


Feel too involved/busy, living my highly predictable schedule of work, sleep, read, and eat.

At times I'm convinced that the

"creative genes" have vanished...

or worse yet...

that they were never there to begin with.

Introspection is certainly healthy,

but years of it can get old,

know what I mean?

Let's move on...

In Celebration of this ghostly season,
I have written a new little ditty that's just for you....


A lingering feeling

surrounds me tonight..

A chill in the air

for wings to take flight...

A sobering gloom

like an unexplained fear...

Just what could it be

that would

follow me here?

It looms in the darkness,

Like a lantern, it glows..

Feels so familiar,

something I know?

In my darkened abode

I'm watching a film

I've seen once before

Filled with horror

and gore

A" Serial Killer,"

a "Sicko,"

a "Clone"

The ending's predictable,

already known..

I'm drifting towards


to a place I remember...

I was there

a few days

just shy of November

It was Halloween week

and in Salem I found,

a place like no other

world famous, renowned

for the huge celebrations

that October brings.

And now I'll return

to discover new things

Ignoring the prickling

at the base of my neck..

down my shivering spine...

(Must get a health check)

Strange thoughts scatter


inside of my head

"So glad you're returning!"

a distant voice said

(the witches' necks

hung on soft swaying trees,

then burned all together

and cast out to sea)

On streets and in shops

Potions ready to sell

And magic dust lingers

with a rusty old smell

Inside their cloaks

in back rooms

of old stores

are the pouches of venom

Hidden safely in drawers

They'll lure you inside

"such delightful tricks"

and you try to resist it

(cause you figure it's shtick)

Still you find yourself

following this

black hooded creature

whose smooth tongue

reminds you of a

well rehearsed


There are SPELLS

for everything

one could desire.

though some are unpleasant,

(like lynching and fire)

Some Spells are enchanting,

and others just garish

(and those less successful

have caused folks to perish!)

This is one Holiday

you won't soon forget...

("the shivering spine..

the prickling neck")

"Come close to me...

Turn around!...

Now closer" he said...

The Potion-Filled Vials

entice you to pay

for Hexes and Vexes

that lead you astray

"It's here in my pocket

for just a small fee...

Not just smoke and mirrors!

It's MAGIC, you'll see..."

Blank stares and Whispering

Where Merriment should be...

(No sign of Pumpkins, one normally sees)

The sky starts to darken

and a loud shuffling sound...

Makes me look round the corner,

and guess what I found!


it's the season, you know...

(these Guys really know how


I should have guessed it...

(that frightening sight, of



Lower Your Voice,


what you said

Don't look,

and keep still,








Oct. 2010