Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Falling Apart You Say? What Now!

Well today it's official.

I guessed
this might happen
(Yes, right from the start)

Surprised you ask?
Why no,
of course not...

It's why I don't visit
the Doctor
a lot.

While I do like
 to work with them
(and God knows I do)

The truth about me
from their lips,
turns mine blue

For little can shock
a girl like me,
who avoids
Doctor visits
like the plague,
you see.

Well the pain
broke me down..
Had to visit a clinic

Which was
no small feat,
for a healthcare cynic

Come to find out,
it appears that my knee
that's failed me
for months now,
is lost
and unseen

How on earth did it vanish,
(is there a "missing knee" site?)

Might there be a way
to find it?
Or must
bone spurs
be my plight?

Yes, I'm told
a replacement
is the only way,
I can live
without pain
(at least that's what they say)

I  MUST be too
for such a

(Besides, not my style...
overdone, hardly clever)

And there's no guarantee...
Why I could
actually expire!

From a pulmonary embolus
that explodes
like a tire....

Didn't even
get my breasts done
(they'd have really looked great!)

fears that it
might kill me,
Left me with my
small boobs fate.

So for now
I've decided
I'll just
try my luck,
with shots
and pills
and all that

I guess
it's just inevitable
that our bodies
break down...

Oh, and
limping's just not sexy...
not in scrubs
or evening gowns..

Written with sincerity, truthfulness, and paranoia...
            Nicole 10/26/10