Saturday, February 7, 2009

Tomorrow a Recipe!

I am far too tired at this time, hmmm, how did it get to be 3 am? (furthermore, why since I have quit working do I find these bizarre times somewhat fun/comforting...It is a time that I feel creative, or if nothing else, I want to go read whatever book I am reading (Capote at the moment), and lull myself to sleep...(well along with an ambien...okay..I said that it would be REAL!)

Well, what I actually started to say is that tomorrow, I shall post a recipe, and it will be good for sure, as cooking is one of those things I've been doing with ease since I was around 10 years old..I started myself cause it seemed like fun and I found that it was something that I could impress people with...( a ongoing theme in my life, that with more posting, you will pick up a definite pattern of)...I digress...Tomorrow a recipe! Sleep tight out there in dreamland, I will be joining you soon....

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