Monday, February 23, 2009


How about, more than likely, NEVER...(don't think I want to anyway...) I don't like being told what I cannot do. I don't like things to control me...(sounds like a typical child, don't you think?)
So, case in point...I am ALLERGIC to cats...I have always known this. Problem is, that I adore all animals, and Do Not Like, nor will I ACCEPT the fact that I am allergic to cats.
A friend of mine, has both a dog and cat. Yesterday, my precious friend took me to Brunch, and we spent a little time at his place. I always "make" over the dog, and sometimes over the gorgeous cat that sits on the couch and "glares" at me, because he wants me to "make" over him...Many times I have picked him up. I love this beautiful black cat, and have bought him a "cat toy", and have gotten on the floor to play with him..I remember that my friend laughed and laughed, saying that the site of me on the floor playing with the cat was hilarious...Of course, I KNOW that this is always a mistake, allergy-wise, but it always seems worth it at the time.
Yesterday, before we went to brunch, I looked at him, and he glared back with a "hurt" look, but I did not touch him. After brunch I lost my will, and picked him up numerous times, and he was so happy to be loved, that I probably even "nuzzled" my face on his a bit...Why must I continue to practice foolish behavior..( it certainly feels "beyond my control" at times)
Needless to say, I was gone for about 2 minutes, when my bottom lip started swelling (attractive, eh? Hey, by the time it was all through, I could have given Anjolie Jolie a run for her money in the lip department!)
I woke up this morning with a sore throat, woke up all night with sinuses draining...BLECH!
Ya just gotta wonder about yourself sometimes....(not for too long though..)
IN THE END....I DON'T CARE....I STILL LOVE "KITAY"(Pronounced "KI-TAY") that's not his real name, but I have always called him that in a certain "voice", and he comes right to me, waiting to be picked up, nuzzled, and adored...
Speaking of Brunch, we had the most sumptuous one at a place I have not been for years, though still small, intimate, and interesting (great menu and "people watching extraordinaire"), and overall just a quality dining experience. Brunch menus can get a little boring, with the same things on every menu in town, but Parigi's has some very tasty items that I have not seen elsewhere...Sure they have Eggs Saudou, which is what my friend had, but there was not only Hollendaise, but also a wine sauce on it...Very delish...I had a lobster "knuckle sandwich"...(gotta love the name)..."Hey what'd ja have to eat today?" "Hey wiseguy...ask me again, and I'll give ya a knuckle sandwich!"...(I'm sure that I must have gotten that from an old James Cagney tough guy film from the 40's....Used to love those...still do!)...Yep, you just can't beat Sweet Lobster Meat, some type of delicious white cheese, tomatoes, and a sauce, all grilled up on some fresh baked bread with a side of avocado and tomato salad....Bloody Mary's? But of course, and we agreed with our server, who claimed them to be "The Best in Town"...I don't know about you, but the quality of the Bloody Mary, speaks volumes to me about brunch...Feel the same way about Tex-Mex food and the quality of the Margarita..Wish I could overlook sub par cocktails, or anything for that matter, but it'll NEVER HAPPEN....Reminds me of what I have said, a million times, and in a million places...People who settle for less happily, and subscribe to "denial" as a way of life, are a lot happier than I could ever hope to be...If you expect near perfection, you dearly pay for it...Just the way it is...and the way I am, as well.....

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