Tuesday, April 21, 2009


i long for love
not just for me

for that little girl
inside, you see

who's waited for
a handsome prince

been disappointed
ever since

one day she figured
out the truth

the "pretty"ones
are usually doofs

"i can't believe
there's no one here,
that isn't married,
dead, or queer"

"this can't be IT!"
(now please be brave)

"my heart's not lying in some grave"

(remember, "DRAMA"
hurts your chances)

no wonder she's had
few romances

"why, I'm so charming
can't men tell?"

(they can but
hey, just as well....

you'd just get hurt
and cry and wail...

"this can't be love
it feels like HELL"

so in the end
you're lucky, see?

this way you'll suffer

alone, but not
without some friends
to tell you that shouldn't"t
your precious time
desiring flings

go freshen up
put on some "bling"

yes, go dress up
and come around

we'll all go out and
"do the town"

your favorite place
with food and wine

you'll feel much better
in no time

a "wish" is healthy
desires, passion

though at your age,
it's "hardly" the fashion

frankly we don't really see
that dreaming of this fantasy
has done you any good at all?

the last one's name?
can't quite recall
i think she said his name was

that was SILLY from the start...

a MARRIED man?
"He froze my heart"

yes dear, you've told us
now let's see

how DOES one spell

is it with one P
or with two?

no matter
as this poem
is through

nicole 4/20/09

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