Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Poem for a Muse

they were together
without a care
just floating downstream
in the midst of nowhere

time was illusional
nowhere to be
locked in embrace
bodies floating at sea

not a word was spoken
and the sounds of the night
seranaded the lovers
under rays of moonlight

stroking her hair
and whispering her name
he kissed her sweet lips
she returned just the same

and all through the night
swaying gently at sea
the lovers were right
where they wanted to be

is this but a dream?
she heard him say
for he dreaded that she
might leave him someday

though she wanted to give him
all of her heart
he knew that she couldn't
right from the start

memories are comforting
when it all goes away
but the feelings still linger
from the place where they lay


1 comment:

Ricardo said...

Very nice indeed, very soft and romantic. Well done and thx for sharing. xxx