Monday, April 13, 2009


I worked with a guy this weekend, that is a former co-worker and friend
He didn't know that I wrote poetry or was interested in cooking/recipes...
He said "Wow, I guess that you're a "Renaissance Woman", aren't you?"
I thought...Yeah..I suppose so...
Hence the title to this blog

No matter how long you work with people in unfortunate circumstances, once in
awhile you come upon a patient that "stays" with you after you come home..
Keeping your "distance" is an important part of the health field
I have always felt that others were better at this than I am...

(for Kerin)

They say she was "Something"
Good looking
Lots of friends

HORROR like this
is surely no way to end

Strong winds threw you wildly
down the stairs one day

and life as you knew it
was taken away

Now you open your eyes
but you no longer see

And silent screams cry
"What has happened to me?"

I know you don't speak
but it's clear in your face

that you're desperately living
in a far away place

A pocket of space
that won't let you break free

Where death has escaped you
and life's a memory

You might just remember
a few things from your past

When I called you "Cat Woman"
you responded at last

It's not like you spoke to me
I'm told it's not new

Though I saw just a glimpse of your smile
It's true!

There's not much that's left of you
Tragic, unfair

Too young to leave us
Hearts sink in dispair

Can't leave you there frightened
I must take you home

Spilling all of my feelings
on this unsuspecting poem

Strong winds picked her up
and threw her down stairs

Then took her to live
In the land of NOWHERE

Nicole 4/14/09


A recipe so simple, you won't believe how delicious it is...
Takes no time to make, just has to be planned...
This pie needs to chill for at least 8 hours
More is better...overnight is perfect, but not required
Think "Simple is Good", and you will "Get it"


1 can sweetened condensed milk (Eagle Brand)
1 small can of frozen limeade (defrosted)

Mix those two together until well blended

FOLD in:
One carton (15 oz to 18 oz) size of "Cool Whip"(defrosted)
The word "fold" is important here, and YES I said Cool Whip...

Spoon filling into a premade graham cracker crust ( I like Keebler best)
If you must make your own that would be perfectly acceptable (just don't come
crying to me when you miss your much needed "quickie" nap..)

Use your microplane if you have one, but if not finely grate some lime peel all
over the top of the pie..(then ask yourself why you don't have a microplane, as they are not expensive and the best tool created in YEARS!)

Not only is this recipe step attractive, it very much adds to the lime "punch" of the pie...

Put in fridge for at least 8 hours..

This pie literally took me about 5 minutes to make and is sensational!

Little trick I picked up from Food TV, concerning the cutting of the first
IF you do use the premade crust that is in foil.. cut the pie piece, then
actually cut the foil with scissors where the first cut piece is( top to bottom on the side of the pie...two cuts....)
Love that trick...

Hope you understand, if you don't, then just cut the first piece as you always have, and who cares if it is not the most attractive?
When a pie is THIS good it matters little...


Nikki the Foodie of Lobster Gram said...

You are a very gifted writer. Perhaps one day I'll have the courage to post some of my poetry. Love the pie recipe, I'm going to give that one a shot some time. Looks uber tasty. Thanks for sharing, it's always a good read.

Ricardo said...

looks delicious and also very pretty. :)

s. stockwell said...

Nicole! You are such a your blog! are cook'in! I will be following you now. best, s

Nicole said...

You are very kind to say that..I would LOVE to see your poetry...

It IS delicious...a much lighter and easier version of key lime pie with all of the flavor

Ms. Stockwell
SO glad that you became a follower...Consider it an honor...Thanks for the "Diva" comment..I must be doing something right!