Thursday, April 1, 2010

Let's get all dressed up and go shopping!!!

Dont' you just love to shop? Oh, I don't mean a crowded mall with sale tables overflowing with unrecognizable items, (it reminds me of my laundry room, you almost have to hire a detective to find that ONE pair of red pants...)

No, I speak of practically vacated malls, like during the weekdays, where you feel like a million bucks and EVERYONE working asks if you need help....Of course my favorite kind of shopping is in small intimate shops that are rather antiquated in form, and lie on Cobblestone Streets with Gas Lamps...That would be Charles Street in Beacon Hill in Boston...Lovely...Another great shopping memory lies in the heart of the historic district of Charleston, South Carolina...Blocks and Blocks of antique shops, perfume shops, and basically everything "girly"...You gotta love it...Not to mention the incredibly restored mansions with their perfectly furnished pieces that are an art form in themselves...My very favorite places to shop are Art Museum Shops, where they go out of their way to provide unique and hard to find items, from art and jewelry, to music and even furniture...Even when I cannot afford to buy much, these places give a breath of fresh air, and I rather enjoy fantasizing what I would buy if I could...Of course sometimes when I am doing well, I DO buy, mostly jewelry, great stuff that is one of a kind....Hmmm..Just thinking of it puts a smile on my face......Yeah, this pup's in for a great day!

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