Monday, February 9, 2009

A phone that rings too early

I know all about the phone ringing at 5 am...It happens almost all of the time lately...Every time I am scheduled to work, that is..( which is 3 shifts/week). Last week I got that phone call 3 times..The message says (hell no I don't pick it up...I know what it is...)..."Nicole, this is Michael...Martin...Shelly...John...(this is the fill in the blank name for whatever supervisor is on)...We are going to have to cancel you for today. Sorry....Thank you...Goodbye"...That's because they are not busy enough...This is one of the biggest and best hospitals in one of the biggest cities in America...and they're not busy? Why? People don't get sick anymore? I mean, I'm sorry, but that affects ability to work...I don't buy it...I know what it is...They all want to staff "Lean and Mean"...They have these practically unatainable quotes...I always know even when I Am there working, when I am going to get a phone call after lunch, telling me that I need to go home because it is too slow...I know when THAT phone call is coming, because that is the day when I am steady with my patient load, but I have time to pee and go to lunch...If I am having a day like that, a day where I have time to do good therapy and get my paperwork done, and pee, and go to lunch for 30 minutes, then I will get a call, telling me to hand my third rounds off to a full time therapist....I did not make any money last week...I need to get paid something this week...I NEED TO WORK...PLEASE DON'T LET THE PHONE RING AT 5 AM tomorrow morning!

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